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Renewable Energy

NES partners with TVA to offer several renewable energy programs that harness the power of natural resources like the sun and wind.

Green Power Switch

Green Power Switch customers purchase renewable electricity from resources such as wind, solar and methane gas.  No contract is required and there is no minimum term for buying green power.  You can sign up or discontinue at any time.  Large customers making a significant purchase, however, may want to have something in writing.  If so, a contract can be tailored to your needs.

Generation Partners

TVA offers incentives for customers to help increase the supply of renewable energy in the Tennessee Valley.  Generation Partners provides technical support and incentives for homes and businesses that generate their own renewable power.

Renewable Standard Offer

This program accommodates projects that are too large for the Generation Partners program.  The Renewable Standard Offer is for generation projects greater than 50 kilowatts and less than or equal to 20 megawatts.  Developers can enter into a long-term price contract with TVA to make financing the project easier.  Biomass, solar and wind are eligible.

Dispersed Power Program

TVA works directly with qualified producers with a qualified facility as determined by FERC.  The generation size is unlimited through the Dispersed Power Program.

Unsolicited Proposal

Renewable energy suppliers can submit an Unsolicited Proposal to TVA for renewable projects with a generation size of more than 1 megawatt.  TVA is interested in term proposals for such power supply of 1 to 20 years in duration.