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Residential Rates

NES energy rates are set and regulated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). All residential customers in the NES service area pay the same electric rate regardless of social status, income or place of residence.

Current Seasonal Rate 10.252 cents per kilowatt hour (Summer) 

A typical NES customer uses approximately 1,300 kilowatt hours of electricity each month.

TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment 0.274 cents per kWh 

The TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment has decreased for June. Customers will see an average Fuel Cost Adjustment charge of $3.56 (based on a 1,300 kWh bill).

NES Customer Charge $11.83 per month

The monthly customer charge is based on the cost of establishing electric service and the recurring fixed expenses that are associated with serving a customer.

Degree Days

Degree days determine how much need there is to heat or cool your home by measuring how weather compares from month to month.


Supplemental Residential Rate

Customers with an additional meter for residential purposes, at the same location as their home, are eligible for the SRS rate.

Understanding TVA Seasonal Rates

Customers are charged a higher rate in the summer (June- September) and winter (December-March). Rates are lower during transitional months (April-May & October-November).


What does it mean for my bill?

Based on an average 1,300 kilowatt hour per month bill, customers will see an increase of about $3 during summer months and a decrease of about $3 during transitional months.


However, customers typically use more electricity in the summer and winter and less during transitional months which will result in higher bills in the summer and winter due to the seasonal rate change. The degree of the impact will depend on the customer’s usage during those months.


Learn more about TVA Seasonal Rates.