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Tree Trimming 

We know how important it is to have continuous power to make your life run smoothly. That's why tree trimming is so important. Since the program began, tree-related outages have dropped significantly.

Trimming Guidelines  

The goal of our certified arborists is to keep trees healthy while directing growth away from power lines. We work to control tree growth along every circuit on our system every three to four years.


Communications Process

We will make every attempt to keep you informed throughout the process. Planners will be in your neighborhood and will try to meet with customers before any tree work begins.


Removals & Replacements

Trees growing directly under or close to power lines can be difficult to trim. In some cases, it is best to remove the tree, and NES can provide a power line-friendly tree replacement.


Planting Advice

Before you plant, follow our advice for picking the right tree for the right place, and avoid trimming in the future.


NES has been certified by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree Line USA utility. The three key requirements include a program of quality tree care, annual worker training in quality tree care practices and a tree planting and public education program. NES also partners with the Metro Tree Advisory Committee, the Nashville Tree Foundation, and the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.


If you have questions or need additional information, call our tree trimming hotline at 615-695-7400.