Getting Started

Step 1.   Every potential vendor with NES is required to register online through My Vendor Account in order to view open bid opportunities and submit bids.

Step 2.   After completing the online vendor registration process, you will be issued a Vendor Identification Number.

Step 3.   Vendors are required to print and return to NES all necessary vendor documents in order to begin receiving notifications and submit bids.

Supplier Diversity

We offer equal opportunity to anyone interested in doing business with us through our Supplier Diversity program. That includes small, TN service-disabled veteran, minority and women-owned companies.

Submitting a Bid

The NES bid process is handled completely online. NES no longer distributes or accepts bids by fax or mail, except when noted in the bid document. When NES needs a product or service that you provide, you will receive an email notification to submit a quotation and complete a standard bid form through My Vendor Account.

Our Policy

NES carefully considers all bids. We work to ensure that all companies have a fair opportunity to win NES contracts regardless of their size or the race, gender, religion or ethnic origin of its owners. Read our Terms & Conditions.

NES Procurement Staff
It's important to know who to call so that you have every opportunity to compete for open bid opportunities with NES.

Warehouse & Delivery Locations
Deliveries are accepted Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.