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NES Announces Rebuilding Relief for Flood Victims


Need to replace flood damaged insulation, weather-stripping, or your heating and air system?  The TVA Energy Efficiency Disaster Assistance Initiative makes it easier to take advantage of incentives and financing that will make your home more energy efficient as you rebuild.


In-Home Energy Evaluation

Receive up to $500 in incentives and financing assistance for installing energy-efficiency improvements.  The $150 upfront fee is waived for customers with a valid FEMA number.


Heat Pump Program

Install a new ENERGY STAR heat pump with low interest financing (6% for 10 years) and no down payment. 


Water Heater Program

Receive a $50 rebate for installing a new electric water heater.


Commercial Efficiency Advice & Incentives

Business customers can receive rebates on high-efficiency lighting and heating and cooling equipment.

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