My Environment

Environmental Stewardship

NES is taking steps to further its focus on environmental sustainability.

Renewable Energy

NES partners with TVA to offer renewable energy programs, including Nashville's first community solar park, that harness the power of natural resources.

Neighborhood Energy Savers Workshops

Join NES at a free Neighborhood Energy Savers Workshop to learn easy, DIY improvements and see a difference in your bill.

Electric Vehicles

NES is excited about the growing electric vehicle (EV) market in our service area. Electric transportation can help customers save money on fuel and maintenance costs and reduce their environmental impact.

Ways to Save Energy

There are simple things you can do to lower your energy usage, along with energy efficient upgrades to improve the level of comfort at home.

Phantom Load

Many electronics continue to use energy even after they are turned off. It’s what we call phantom load, and it accounts for approximately 43 billion kilowatt hours of wasted electricity.