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Analyze My Bill

Understand My Bill

Use the PowerWise Bill Analyzer to better understand your monthly energy usage.

How weather affects my bill

What is a Degree Day?

It's a standard weather calculation that compares how energy usage correlates to the outside temperature. The higher the number of degree days, the more the outside temperature is impacting your energy usage.

Degree days are based on how much the average daily outdoor temperature varies from the standard temperature of 65 degrees.

So, the colder or hotter the weather, the more degree days there will be. In general, energy bills increase or decrease fairly close to the same percentage that degree days increase or decrease.


High temperature of the day: 40 degrees
Low temperature of the day: 10 degrees
40 + 10 divided by 2 = 25
65-25 = 40 degree days

Billing Period

The monthly billing period is no less than 28 days and no more than 34 days, unless there are unusual circumstances between two regularly scheduled meter readings. If we are unable to read your meter we may estimate your usage, but your bill will clearly indicate that the amount is estimated.