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Billing and Payment Programs

  • E-Bill
    Go paperless with NES E-bill. Safe and easy access to 13 months of billing history. Customize your communication preferences to receive text alerts and/or emails. Log in each month to view and pay your bill, set up AutoPay, or set a reminder to pay by text. Click here to get started.
  • Balanced Billing
    Budgeting is much easier when you know what to expect each month. Our Balanced Billing program averages your energy usage so that your bills are predictable, month after month. You still pay for the exact amount of electricity that you used at the end of each year, but it is balanced out over time, instead of spiking with changes in the outside temperatures. Here’s how it works:
    • We average your annual energy usage from the past year into 12 convenient monthly payments.
    • For 11 months, you pay for your average energy usage at the current residential rate.
    • On the 12th month, your bill is for that month’s energy, plus or minus the difference if your energy usage was higher or lower than average.
    You must have service at your current address for at least one year to qualify. This program is available only to residential customers. If your account becomes past due, you will automatically be dropped from the program, and billed for the actual amount of your usage.

    Sign up here, or call Customer Relations at 615-736-6900 to see if Balanced Billing is right for you.
  • Automatic Transfer
    Nashville Electric Automatic Transfer (NEAT) makes it easy to pay your bill. The exact amount you owe is automatically deducted from your bank account each month. You will receive your billing statement that notifies you of the amount due and the date of the transfer before it takes place. To sign up, complete and return the NEAT Authorization Form.

    NOTE: NEAT is a separate program from AutoPay through NES E-bill. If you prefer paperless billing, AutoPay is a good choice for you.
  • Summary Billing
    If you have multiple NES accounts, Summary Billing is a convenient way to manage your statements. Instead of sending you bills one at a time as we read each meter, we’ll compile them on a master summary invoice after all the meters have been read.

    We will work with you to choose the billing date that is right for you. It must be at least five days before or after the regularly scheduled reading date of all the accounts included on the summary bill. You must enroll in Nashville Electric Automatic Transfer to participate.

    Residential apartment accounts are eligible for enrollment only when the responsible party doesn’t change when occupants change.
  • Third-party Notification
    NES can send a duplicate copy of your bill to someone you designate when you receive a cut off warning. While it won’t prevent disconnection, this additional reminder will ensure someone else knows your payments are falling behind.
  • Project Help
    Project Help provides temporary energy assistance to disadvantaged customers. None of the donations go toward administrative costs. 100% of the proceeds go to help someone who is less fortunate.

    Supporting the program is easy. Add exactly $1.00 to your bill and it will automatically be credited to the program, or click here to enroll.

    You can also donate to Project Help with your Kroger Plus card just by shopping for groceries when you enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards program. Click here to learn more about Community Rewards.
  • Power of Change
    The Power of Change is a bill payment round up program. When you round your payment up to the next whole dollar, 100% of your change is contributed to the Home Uplift program, providing weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades to homeowners who need it most.