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Outage Map

Never touch or go near downed wires. In case of an emergency or hazardous condition, call 911. Also, be sure to follow these important safety tips.
Click on the map to view current outages across the system and to report your power outage.

How We Restore Power

Reporting a Power Outage

Sign Into My Account
If you have no electricity at your location, report the outage by signing into My Account. Customers without an online profile can register here.

Text "OUT"

Quickly report a power outage by texting "OUT" to 637797 (NESPWR) from your mobile device.

*Message and data rates may apply.

Call 615-234-0000

You will need the NES account number, meter number or phone number associated with your account for the system to recognize your outage.

Report on Map

You can now let us know your power is out directly from our new outage map, even if you aren’t logged in.