Bill Pay Programs

Balanced Billing
Our Balanced Billing program averages your energy use to provide predictable bills month after month.

Paperless Billing
NES E-bill offers a secure, easy way to view and pay your bill online. Access your billing and payment history, receive text message alerts and set up automatic payments through AutoPay.

Nashville Electric Automatic Transfer (NEAT)
The exact amount you owe on your electric bill is automatically deducted from your bank account each month. You still receive a bill in the mail notifying you of the amount due and date of the transfer. To sign up, return the NEAT Authorization Form .

Summary Billing
Keep track of multiple accounts with one easy payment through Summary Billing.

Third Party Notification
If your account is subject to disconnection, NES will inform a third party at no charge. While this special notification will not stop service from being shut off, it does serve as an additional reminder that your payments are falling behind. To participate, call 615-736-6900.

Energy Assistance
If you are struggling to pay your electric bill, energy assistance is available for elderly, disabled and low-income customers who qualify. If you would like to provide help to those in need, donate to Project Help.