Summary Billing

NES will continue to read the meter for each of your accounts on the normal meter reading date, but instead of sending you the bill when we read the meter, we'll hold it and send it along with your other bills on a master summary invoice when all the meters have been read.

  • Customers must enroll in Nashville Electric Automatic Transfer (NEAT).
  • Only accounts with satisfactory credit are eligible.

  • The summary billing date will be chosen by the customer and NES jointly. It must be at least five days before or after the regularly scheduled meter reading date of all accounts on the summary bill.

  • Residential apartment accounts can be included when payment is made by a management company and/or the responsible party on the account does not change when occupants change. Commercial accounts for apartment offices, signage, club houses, etc. are eligible.

To sign up for Summary Billing, call Customer Relations at 615-736-6900.