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Ditch Inspection Request

Two ditch inspections are required when building underground service to your home or business. Minimum requirements are explained in Electric Service Guidelines.

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Due to the uniqueness of each Ditch Inspection, please thoroughly read the Electric Service Guidelines for minimum requirements needed to pass inspection.

General Requirements for UPR-2 Ditch Inspections


First Inspection:
  • Schedule 40 conduit must be installed in ditch
  • All conduit MUST be on the SAME standoff bracket at the pole
  • Conduit should be 7.5” off the pole
  • Must install 10’ of Galvanized Conduit up the pole
  • Must install Galvanized Elbows at house and pole
  • No pre-made bends can be used in ditch
  • Pull string must be installed in conduit
  • Meter base must be installed
  • Center of meter base MUST measure 5’6” from FINAL grade

Second Inspection:
  • Must have 12" of LEVEL Gravel in Ditch

The preceding is a list of general requirements for UPR-2 Ditch Inspections. Please read the Electric Service Guidelines for detailed ditch inspection requirements.